Aluna Safe and Sound in the Bay of Islands

After having been licked by a baby water spout just off Gau Island while leaving the many Fiji islands, followed by five and a half days of gentle fair weather sailing and then four lumpy days of riding gale force winds 50 or so miles west of an occluding warm front, doing six knots running under bare poles for a day, Aluna sailed into the Bay of Islands on the afternoon of December 5 just as the front finally passed overhead and the skies cleared.

More reporting on this latest blue water adventure will follow as soon as we have caught up on sleep!


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One Response to “Aluna Safe and Sound in the Bay of Islands”

  1. Vera Says:

    Good to see you have arrived safely, welcome back to NZ Beatriz and Beat.
    Hope to see you sometime!
    We are at home, John is recuperating very slowly from an operation last week for spinal stenosis and a few other related problems, quite a major operation.
    Hope to hear from you, Beatrize, when you have caught up with yourself! All the best, Vera

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