Please, Come Inside!

Very rarely one thinks about taking pictures of ones home. You simply live there and what’s going on there is mostly void of public interest, well, in you own mind that is. So when other people come to visit you and then share their pictures you see your own living space through their eyes and realize how interesting it must be to know how one actually lives on a boat. So here you have a couple pictures from the visits of Maimiti and Tayfun to show you how our home looks through their eyes.

Watch it! While you’re observing our boat leisurely from the outside, you might actually be observed yourself. This is how we look at the world outside when we’re down in the hulls.

Let’s start our tour in the galley. Our Harborfreight stove has been holding up amazingly well, although I am thinking that it uses gas very inefficiently. There is no small burner so a lot of the heat just travels up the sides of our pans. One of our two pressure cookers sits on the stove and please, help yourself to some patacones pisados!

Turning around a half turn you’re in what is actually something like our living room. The plan here is to have a settee with a dismountable table so that the space can function as double berth if we have guests or crew on board, but also as office, meeting place and dining room if the weather should be nasty outside when we’re on our own.

Here’s our own love nest where the sea rocks us to sleep, most of the times quite gently but sometimes underway it’s a waterbed slightly out of control. Still, even in the most brutal seas we’ve seen so far it’s way more comfortable to lay cuddled here than to be anywhere else!

Here you turn around once again and you see our everything-else-space. Wardrobe to the right, storage space aft, and office, chart table, repair station, make-up counter etc. on the left.


One Response to “Please, Come Inside!”

  1. Paz Says:

    You have a beautiful home!
    A big hug y mucho amor para Uds!

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