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The Cat Is Out

May 7, 2014

This has been two years in the making. I have always been terrified to sing anywhere else than in the shower and only dared to hum in places far from any fellow human being doted with ears. And in spite of sporadic efforts the guitar remained for long time an awkward instrument requiring contortions of finger bones and even more so of my mental images of musical scales far too elaborate for my simple soul. But then the piano, my musician’s home turf, is simply not appropriate for a tireless wanderer, so about two years ago I decided to hone my stubbornness towards what had always seemed impossible: Learning to sing and accompany myself on the guitar.

Patience and persistence has paid off for me many times before. It has brought about this magnificent functional structure of maritime architecture that is Aluna, our ever wandering floating home. It has brought about the softening and slow but steady weathering away of the stiffness I have grown up with. Now I put my bet on it again and in countless hours within the safety of Aluna’s cocoon I worked my way through the limitations of body and mind, loosened up and learned again and again to let go of the old. And here is a first humble milestone presented to your judgement. It is still miles away from where it needs to be and from where I wish it were, but I oblige my nagging self to accept it as a step in the right direction.

For Beatriz too the mandate of transformation meant that coming out of the shadows of our artistic inactivity over the last couple years was a daring step. Her youthful flight of yesteryear had been curtailed by a series of injuries putting a stopper on her daredevil stunts of pure and raw energy through which her performances used to thrive. Now the focus had to be on the imagery that can be conjured up through controlled muscle tones and on motions illustrating guided thought. Again, all this is still at a very basic level of crude sketching, but the brutal contortion of birth lies behind us and now the arduous task of educating and developing the newborn weighs on our shoulders. Figuratively speaking that is, of course!

Here are two excerpts of what we proudly and maybe a bit pretentiously termed the ‘world premier’ of our new show ‘Not For Consumption’, presented on May 3 at the cozy Community Hall in Opua. I’m aware that the lighting is not spectacular, which gives a hazy flair to the video, but the atmosphere was gentle and intimate.

The first song is titled ‘Vístete De Rosa’, which translates to ‘Dress in Rose’. Its lyrics grew from a poem Beatriz wrote shortly after we had decided to settle in San Francisco and thereby brought our transcultural expedition from Colombia through Central America to an end in the land of California. It contemplates the uncertainty of life as an immigrant and the fragility of the feminine side of mankind.

Then follows a rendition of an old German folk song that played a crucial role in the resistance movement during the Nazi years: ‘Die Gedanken Sind Frei’. The song’s lyrics celebrate the freedom of thought.