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Coming Up For Air

December 16, 2015

Yep, the earth has swallowed me whole! Two months of living a backpacker’s life has taken its toll on my writing discipline. Since our delayed departure from Switzerland (for which I continue to owe you a description of the final details and for the swearing in the first part of it I have gotten quite a bit of heat, mainly from concerned friends…), we’ve spend some quality time visiting friends in the Caribbean and then a crazy three weeks in the urban heart of Colombia, where there was no rest whatsoever for the tranquil soul, I’m now sitting in a café inside the transit area of Santiago, Chile’s Aeropuerto Internacional Arturo Merino Benitez, having suffered half way through a monster layover of 12 hours waiting for the connecting flight that will finally complete our aerial circumnavigation of the globe and bring us back to Auckland, and within a couple more days back on board of probably very dirty but hopefully sound Aluna.

I’m hoping to have some time at hand soon to let you in on the highlights of this journey, but through the wisdom of approaching old age I know better than to make any kind of promises. The real hope of course is that the new upcoming adventures will overpower the fading memories of the old ones and that there will be no time to contemplate the memory traces edged in our flesh.

The months of the austral summer will have to be spent with getting Aluna back in top shipshape, to continue her life as a true gypsy of the seas, setting her on a course Northwest in direction of the looming human masses of Southeast Asia.