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Very Soon Now

May 26, 2016

Well, the weather gods have finally decided it’s time to make our stay here in the tempered latitudes miserable enough to seriously consider an imminent departure. Boisterous southwesterly winds have been depressing the thermometer to the point of putting on jumpers and wooleys (Kiwi for thermal underwear). Moisture condensates on Aluna’s thin plywood walls and morning mists moistens the decks making barefoot walking a perilous affair. However, those same polar air masses have made our friends the winds a bit too unruly for a good while now to venture out into the blue yonder. But that is about to change.

A narrow but definite weather window is opening up this coming Monday, and just the thought of leaving the comfortable safety of our mooring lets the butterflies do their ecstatic dance just behind the belly button. In spite of having done this now a considerable amount of times, the experience is unique and beyond reason. Life intensifies as if it were coming to a sudden and abrupt end and in a sense it is. Our hiatus from the sailing life has certainly managed to bland the hard skin sea people need to call their own and new calluses are in need to grow. About 950 sea miles lie ahead of us before we’ll reach the southernmost island of Vanuatu called Anieytum, or Anatom as it is used to be simplified for European ears. Once we get there enough salty spray should have caressed our epidermis to restart the adventurous journeys of Aluna!