SV Aluna is a 38′ sailing catamaran built by Beat Rettenmund and Beatriz Restrepo from 2003 to 2008 at the house of Mario Mendoza and Fe De Los Reyes in San Leandro, CA and launched at the San Leandro boat ramp on September 20, 2008.

The model Tiki 38 is designed by the James Wharram and Hanneke Boon of James Wharram Design. Aluna is built per plan with the exception of the rig, which was modified to carry the traditional Polynesian crab claw sails.

Aluna’s journey is also a human one. We are learning how to live freely without being out of touch. Because touching we need as human beings. So we connect at the places we visit and become part of the community, learning, discussing, changing, healing, contributing, observing, doing…

If you wish to support our journey and are financially above viability, please feel free to make a monetary donation through PayPal. We assure you that your contribution will be used very efficiently!

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Angela Zawadzki Says:

    Qué belleza, te quedó precioso el blog, y ya me inscribí.. Se lo voy a mandara a la senora Canter que no me ha dontestado ( la de los viajes) . si uno hace una doncación en un momento dado cómo hacen para que les llegue si están navegando? necesitan platica ahora?


    • Beat Rettenmund Says:

      You’ve never heard of offshore banking? 😉 El botn de donacin te lleva a PayPal. El dinero que se manda se guarda en nuestra cuenta con ellos, y lo podemos retirar con una tarjeta de crdito. Por ahora estamos bien, hemos logrado hacer un cojincito en nuesto coffre de viajeros. Vamos a ver cuanto nos dura apretando cinturn… Pero gracias por preguntar!

  2. Mario Says:

    Hey Beat, how’s it going? I was showing my friend how you constructed Aluna but the page is not there at movingbeyond website. Any idea where we can see? Warm regards, your old friend Mario

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