Not Just Yet But Soon Enough

A series of narrow but punchy fronts are lashing the country every other day. Winter, as was to be expected, is finally knocking at the door here down under. This all comes after an exceptionally warm first half of May. I remember the other years we were here there were days of morning frosts during this time, while this year we’ve been happily running around in shorts and t-shirts. But that joy seems to be over now. In between the rain-soaked north westerlies of the actual fronts there are sunny days with a biting cold wind coming up straight from Antarctica. In short, not a good time to jump off out into the open ocean, in spite of the beckoning of tropical climes up there.
We managed to squeeze a pair of small performances here in Opua and Russell into our hectic schedule of readying Aluna for departure. A Friday the 13th doesn’t come around that often and much less during times when the hordes of rally participants are wearily facing the fact that there are no good times to depart the subtropical latitudes. Enough material there to crack a couple good jokes, so we announced the title of our show on the morning cruiser’s radio net as: Friday the 13th is No Day for Leaving. The performances were done as usual with minimal technical expenditure, but provided a good bit of fun. And as usual the few pictures taken suffer from grainy textures and low-light artifacts…

friday13 - 1 friday13 - 2 friday13 - 3 friday13 - 4 friday13 - 5 friday13 - 6 friday13 - 7 friday13 - 8 friday13 - 9
With that our once a year fundraising efforts are concluded and just in case you are tempted to think that this might be an easy way for you to get rich quick I would like to take the opportunity and give a very special thanks to the one lonesome donor who took my last post to heart. Fortunately we happened to receive a decisive helping hand from a fellow Wharramite in good old Europe, Markus Immer of SOL.COM AG, who in an agile flash campaign drummed up a good bit of cash for the cause. With this we now have the needed repair materials for the Lapita canoes in the bellies of Aluna plus more for the clinic refurbishments, and we have started to converse intensely with hard working computer simulations of future climate possibilities in the western South Pacific. These artificially intelligent machines are whispering all kinds of delusional chatter into our mind’s eager ears, creating ephemeral drawings of high altitude meanders, hinting at hidden oscillations of the now definitely warming planet, and they will eventually provide the rational for a rampant departure on very short notice into the bumpy chaos of swollen wave trains and interwoven swells.

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