Ride the Pulse of Time

It is as if reality always escapes my grasp at the very moment I seem to understand. Mankind continues to wage ferocious wars all over the globe, with none other than itself. There are battles fought at this very moment in Ukraine, Africa, and in the ever-troublesome Middle East, where the last drops of petrol are squeezed out from the depths underneath the desert sands. These wars are fought hard and brutal, just as they were while we were still roaming the caves of Ice age Europe and carving the canoes of ancient Indonesia. But instead of clubs like our noble forbearers back then nowadays we are wielding intelligent machines of total destruction against our peers. They are able to wipe out a million of us at a time. The thirst for power has taken on traits of a monster that knows no shame.

A truce for one of those conflict zones has now been agreed upon by a selected few, and that has produced a land grab free for all, where the forces of destruction organize in a most efficient manner. The heaviest fighting is going on in the very days before the agreed armistice is supposed to become the law of the land. It is the last chance for the warring parties to legitimize the illegal acquisition of land and might, and they give it their very best of Machiavellian pride.

And then again, what do we really know about those awful wars? What do we know about how they are fought, and why they go on and on forever, until there is nothing left? What do we think we know? We, who read the news on the internet?

The only war within our grasp surely is the one we fight ourselves. The others over there, let them fight it out! Man seems to be by its very nature an animal suffering from very organized bouts of violence and destruction of astronomical proportions. If history has anything to teach us, it is that mankind has never been very happy in times of peace. It is during those tranquil times of peace where the next conflicts are hedged and grown. Just now, it appears, those tranquil times of (relative) peace seem to come to an end once again. The sabers are starting their ruthless rattling all over the globe, and you and I, humble citizens of the world without much thirst for tricks and might, can do exactly nothing about it all.

But how about those little wars of mine, the very personal wars I’m creating in my corner of the world, those I should be able to stop, before they escalate beyond the reach of reason, shouldn’t I?


And on a side note of explanation: Those portraits of the Swiss I promised a while ago turned out to be stumble stones and infinite swallowers of time. It feels like with every sentence I write I’m stepping on somebody’s hypersensitive toes and it comes hard for me to jump across my shadow far enough to anesthetize my shame. But hang in there, my friends, my persistence is invincible, and they will see the light of day before the moon turns blue again! I can only hope that they will be worth our wait…

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2 Responses to “Ride the Pulse of Time”

  1. Rudy Says:

    As the scripture says It’s only going to get worse. Also it says even so, come Lord Jesus. Wars and rumors of wars. The good news according to scripture regarding these events is “your redeemer drawth nigh. ”

    There is a song titled Gods Got It All I in Control.. To all that believe that He has it all in control we can set back and enjoy the movie because the author and finisher of our faith whom we trust promises us a GREAT & GLORIOUS ENDING!!! To all others… ahhhhh …. Not So Much…

  2. Beatriz Restrepo Says:

    Es tan difícil saber quien esta detras de todas estas gerras absurdas de poder y control económico. Los intereses del ser humano son muchos , unos pueden ser los mas destructivos y otros abren muchas puertas pero hay que estar bastante despierto para saber en cual lado me mantengo.El ser humano cad vez es mas ambiguo.

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