Important Considerations

The nagging feeling that the paradise of the South Seas has been compromised has been with me since we left the shores of the dying materialistic empire on the Northeastern shores of this great ocean. This is by now four precious years back into the fading fogs of the past. It was a superior force, or so at least the story goes in the Hebrew tradition, that expelled us from the first and original paradise almost at the beginning of time. Although the consequence of a genuine act of civil disobedience, the very first expression of man’s free will so to speak, if not the very act of man freeing himself from blind and mechanical obedience, the actual deportation of our tender and juvenile mankind from the sweetness and carefree living in Eden was done by a sword wielding angel on the payroll of some monolithic heavenly master of the universe. This much more recent incarnation of Eden on Earth, which just two decades ago seemed untouchable and intact if one took the trouble of leaving the well trodden paths, has now been obliterated and annihilated by an army of well versed mercenaries of the corporate capital with the very help of us insatiable consumers of goods, ideas and services.

My good friend Glenn Tieman has suffered through this ugly transformation first hand and with his sharp and outrageously curious nose up front. He has travelled the South Seas then and now and has sublimely distilled his rage into a well-structured essay with plenty of practical suggestions for those who look at life walk past them from the perspective of the comfy couch. I wanted to invite you to read through it and share your respective thoughts with your peers. Click  here.

One Response to “Important Considerations”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Excellent piece by Glenn but You don’t need to go to the south pacific to find this. We’ve all done this to ourselves everywhere on this great blue ball.

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