After a swift three-day passage from North Minerva Reef Aluna now sits in the idyllic but terribly overcrowded Savusavu harbor. Very valiant crew member Nephi has had his first meal on solid land, or shall I say, the first solid meal since leaving terra firma almost three weeks ago. This morning he has signed off and is at this time up in the light tropical air starting the return trip to his beloved home land Aotearoa, which will take him a tiny fraction of the time it took us to get away. Thanks for all your help, mate, and take good care of yourself!

I’ll hopefully have some sweet time at hand to write about our Aluna’s latest and honest-to-god-greatest blue water passage yet. There’s no doubt that the testing weather has matured her. She has left her girly years behind and is now a great lady of truly matriarchal attire!

2 Responses to “Arrived!”

  1. Beatriz Restrepo Says:

    I’m so happy with all my heart that you both are save on land. Valiants of the sea!!!!Espero nuevas de esta gran cruzada!!!! Cuidensen mucho. Take care a lot…..

  2. kim Says:

    You are an old salt now, Beat! 🙂

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