Inching Out

The second morning with frost on Aluna’s decks! They are trying to flush me out of here. On Friday today I’ll be leading Aluna up the North Island coast back to the Bay of Islands, where we landed six months ago. There we will be waiting for a suitable weather window between the fronts that are now passing regularly overhead, coming in over the Tasman Sea and the spilling their fury out into the lat fall South Pacific. For once I’ve been too busy to keep you entertained while offshore, so you’ll have to suffer the emotional contractions of the fishermen’s wives, who wait from good news from their hardworking hubbies while watching the dark clouds pass along the horizon line out at sea.

Next port of call is planed to be Savusavu in Fiji’s Vanua Levu. I’ll make myself heard as soon as feasible!

One Response to “Inching Out”

  1. rudy Says:

    Oh sweet brevity of life my ol’ friend, d licious music to my eyes. Welcome home. And soon welcome to Fiji…Think I wrote a song about it. Hope you have it with you ln your sea of electronics. Maybe you can hum it to UB as you drift along the way.

    Tell my friend I miss her too. I’m going to go to bed now and when I awake perhaps she will be there by your side.

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