Work, work, work…

It’s always the same. Once you’re thinking of leaving, everything starts happening. There’s always this mad acceleration towards the end of a stay. Beatriz continues to look after her elderly lady who daily dodges the pitfalls of Parkinson. I’ve started with a little boat-building project. I’m assembling new fore and aft netting beams for the local Wharram Pahi 31 Te Hononga of our Maori friends. Once those are done she will be hauled out at the boat yard just down the river and we’ll do her bottoms. Just yesterday I was getting a call from a friend of a friend who is the owner of a shopping center in a village close by. He needs the exterior walls of the buildings painted and was apparently emphatic to our way of living when we had met in a quick stint up to Whangarei a couple weeks ago. So he called to offer me the job. Shopping Center Painter, the latest entry in my ever-growing resume of a veritable Jack of All Trades! With all this frenetic activity we’re hoping to have the cruising kitty fattened up enough for leaving the lands of concentrated wealth within the next couple months. It’s incredible how easy one adapts to these silly routines of “making money”. Of course no money is actually made in the process, and if one lets go of the stern routine of penny pinching even for a second, the little pile of wealth, accumulated with so much sacrifice, slips out of your pockets in one trip to the big, bad city!

Beatriz’ departure is fast approaching too, so suitcases are filled, lists compiled, plans debated. A growing stash of trinkets and other little things are hidden just out of sight and mentally and emotionally allocated to different loved ones. Nobody in the extended clan must be forgotten or sheer disaster could await the homecoming girl.

The local newspaper here in Warkworth ran a little story about us. Check it out here. Don’t worry, I haven’t grown stilts. Just the way the picture was taken.

This coming Monday we drove down to Auckland for a short presentation with the Cruisers and Navigators Association of New Zealand about our travels and about Aluna. They’re a bunch of grey haired jolly boys having a drink or two at the Auckland waterfront, and there are a few jolly girls hiding amongst them too. They all listened politely to our song of nature bound adventure and applauded our fancy poem of simplicity. A solid rock of immobility prides itself with understanding the carefully measured bits of relentless wanderlust, smiles gallantly upon the lost sons of man without ever revealing the deep pockets of emptiness that are closely guarded behind thick veils of righteousness.

I must apologize for the terrible lack of substance in this writing, as I only wanted to convey a coward set of excuses for the lack of postings lately. When money matters the mind loses lift and becomes a leaden lump of laziness. Comfort and commodity crunch any sparkles of curiosity. What a lack of life! What a life of losers listening to loud and lonesome advise about how to best enshrine the trophies that barely reflect the possible shares of a distant winning price…

And, if you are an overeager immigration officer snooping around the internet and think that you have some evidence at hand to convict us of violating the terms of our visitor’s visa you’re on the wrong track. First of all this “evidence” would not be admissible in court because it is privileged and protected private information and secondly we hereby declare officially that we are doing all this “work” on a purely voluntary basis without any monetary remuneration to contribute to the general wellbeing of all New Zealanders!

2 Responses to “Work, work, work…”

  1. Thomas Says:

    While I thought I would be treated to some videography of my friends and their world exploration it was merely yet another company claiming to be America’s largest 4G network (3 thusfar) …… Ha Ha (Je Je) someone is telling a fib ;-/
    On a higher note, I’m so glad you folks are finding Southern Polynesia to be agreeable. I read each blog post with eager anticipation. And I’m sure this is only a short sampling of all the stories you have to tell.
    My sympathy goes out to Beatriz and the complexity that aging family brings with it. I just visited my father who made his 91st orbit of the sun a few weeks ago. Slowly the lights dim.
    I wish for you both; fair winds and a following sea.

  2. elcentaurodelsiglo21 Says:

    Hola Beat; So you are still a wetback running away from the migra and changing neighborhoods, like it is okay to run to New Zealand and bring your own brand of “undocumented” foreigner and invite the IMMIGRATION OFFICERS to chase you away….

    Do they pay better in New Z, I am about to ship out to Mars wondering where I can find some real work! Tired of minimum wage and deadend jobs and still paying the banks to keep my money ;-o ? I NEED A BAILOUT MR OBAMA AND YOU GET MY VOTE… and to all of those undocumented scammers stay away from ICE…they are getting mad as hell and beating anyone like there is a competion going on now between the Border Patrol and ICE for who can beat up or kill more wetbacks theses days, no questions ask, no investigation, no judge or public defender.

    Hey! take care Beat and keep on working…I wont tell the Migra okay.

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