Bring Your Four Worlds in Perspective!

Most people would agree that the first world is called the developed world because through its complicated system of transport and trade it has provided a good portion of its citizens with a level of comfort most of the less fortunate denizens of the third world can only dream about. The second world is never really talked about much, strangely enough, while the fourth world comes full circle and points its skinny and undernourished finger at a gaping hole in this very same theory, sitting like a bleeding ulcer right in the guts of the first, clearly very visible but diligently and constantly overlooked. Here you have the modern human world, nicely categorized, neatly sliced up along borders of trading blocks and immigration control, fiercely defending its status quo against any better reasoning.

As a happy traveler of the modern times you are allowed to enjoy the many advantages brought about by sneaking through the borderlines of concentrated wealth, by hoping over the heavy-handedly guarded fences, by stepping through the jealously policed pearly gates. You live your filling life of excitement on both sides of those lines drawn conveniently and greedily in the sand, this curious life of not belonging, of seeing everything but not being allowed to touch, of being loved to death one day and resuscitated with wholehearted and really well-meant hatred the next, of being simultaneously adored and condemned, admired and outcast, of being listened to with curiosity, but from a distance, looked upon with jealousy, but picked upon to extract crucial materials for every commoner’s dreams.

You wander amongst the poor and dispossessed and feel the injustice. You see yourself humbled by their selfless generosity, bath your soul in their healthy smiles and cure your wounds in their boundless happiness. You live close to the earth, high in the sky, see how straight the grass can grow and communicate intensely with the ants and other kinds of very dedicated critters. You contemplate how little it takes for mankind to get along and how it takes even less for everything to go to shambles, slide into carelessness and for conflicts to get clearly out of hand. You cry, and rejoice. After that you cry, and later you rejoice.

Then one stormy night you muster up all your courage and jump the fence and in the calm of the next morning stroll leisurely down the streets of the wealthy, the arrogant and seemingly powerful. You stare down their locked doors, watch them run, see them racing past you in shiny cars with heavy feet clenched around accelerator controls. You stretch your arms to bridge the abysmal interpersonal distances and suffer horrified form the absolute lack of tribal unity. Everybody is against everybody and everything and constantly out to proof to you how much better they are than everybody else. People are friendly yes, because their bellies are full, but when you ask them to do something, they respectfully decline. Unless, of course, you wish to join them in the two or three activities they have been doing all their lives. A few of your brothers and sisters there seem to be aware that something is amiss, that something is deadly wrong with their way of life and some even vociferously complain. The problem is that the doers have all but died out. It’s a culture of telling fancy tales and speaking shiny words brutally torn away from their ancient roots in action.

In short there’s a terrible feeling of emptiness and loneliness amongst the meandering mountains of material goods. When digging around, scratching the surface and popping the lids in hope to find reasons for this overdeveloped mess, sooner or later and politely but firmly you’re given the ultimate option: ‘If you don’t like it here, if you think things are so bad here, why don’t you just pack up your things and go somewhere else?’ Well, here’s the reason why:

Most of the changes needed to eliminate the spoil of globalized greed don’t require spectacular social upheaval. No rowdy riots will ever bring about radical change. That’s not to say, of course, that the demonstratively unruly are not needed every now and then, just to get things moving, to get the ball rolling, so to speak. They’re certainly fun to watch and exciting to perpetrate and do manage to frighten the big boys a bit. But there’s a tiny little switch, buried somewhere deep in the muscles of the human heart, that, if it could only be turned on… It’s inconspicuous, doesn’t show up on any magnetic resonance scan, ultrasound or EKG. It persistently refuses to be seen or named and any intent to describe it will only lead you astray. If that switch is flipped, turned on and opened up, it sure makes a big difference. Oh boy, you bet it does! With every beat of the heart, with every rush of pulsating blood, the human animal now turns into a very different beast. There’s no longer an immutable central command, imagined cowardly somewhere in the brain, to continually mess things up, to brutally and deliberately keep things under control. The sacrosanct separation of space and time, the millennium old division between life and death, the abyss of pretended privacy between you and me, all these apocalyptic pandemics of spiritual aberration can suddenly begin to heal, and with that the high-tech military manned borders between the four worlds must also start to crumble and become fertile material for healthy backyard composting. But here once again, I’m free falling into the trap of description, caught up in the temptation to dream up reality and paint pink colored decorative art for dentist waiting rooms.

The first world clearly needs to slow its frantic pace and step down from the high horse of arrogance and supremacy. It needs to sit down calmly and serenely on one of the humble and well-worn benches in the classroom of life. Once there and with a straight face mustering an opening mind it needs to listen to what the third world has been crying into the winds, which is precisely the same the fourth world has been saying all along. There really is no need to fight for anything but the common survival of all; there is no inborn drive to compete within the roots of the human soul; and there certainly is no reason whatsoever for all this senseless slaughtering that permeates the very foundation of our economic thinking. So the brain must find that tiny little switch in the heart. It is its daily duty, its calling and its purposeful profession. It must find it and give it a good-natured nudge to flip it open. Now here’s the real beauty of it all: Any brain can open any switch, there are no limits of possession. My brain can open yours and your brain can open mine. Isn’t it all so absolutely beautiful and totally incredible?!

For the eternally travelling wanderer this simply means to live fully where you are. Don’t dream of better places, more loving friends and families, safer heavens, and most certainly not of prettier women and more virile men! Follow your heart and don’t listen to any other cliché! Deconstruct your useless paradise and wade bravely through the decomposing mud of reality. It’s here where the flowers bloom. This is where the butterflies flutter. You can see the hummingbirds rejoice and the busy bees make the sweetest honey of all!

2 Responses to “Bring Your Four Worlds in Perspective!”

  1. Paz Says:

    Eres un filosofo muy sabio!
    No queda mas que decir ,amen!

  2. Fabiola Says:

    Hello, I am so proud of you guys, I am glad that you have the opportunity to explore beautiful places to feed souls, hugs from Santa Cruz CA,

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