Living On Mud

Hats off to Kiwi officialdom! We’ve lounged peacefully at Aluna’s present resting place. Not only has nobody came over to bark any complaints at us, we’ve been assured that the fourteen day rule will be respected. So we’re planning to get our feet yucky for another week and then politely move our private piece of real estate a little up or down the river. But let me tell you, wading through the mud, even if it is only for a couple yards, to get on and off the boat anytime from two hours after high tide to two hours after is stinky business! A bucket of already microbialy dubious river water is carried along, which of course you have to remember filling at high tide. A small piece of sponge is the best way we figured out to use the scarce amount of water to get the muck off your feet, and your hands as soon as you start washing your feet. I’ll spare you all the details of this operation, since the description of smells might not be too appetizing. It does however compare favorably to a forty-minute bike ride!

A new video about Aluna’s river adventure is online…

… and here’s a triplet of pictures a taken by David Thatcher, harbor master of Whangateau Harbor and owner of the beautiful wooden boat you see quickly in the video. It sports a freestanding mast with a giant tanbark Chinese lugsail which is a great and very practical rig!

3 Responses to “Living On Mud”

  1. Brian Says:

    See the immage for simple snow shoe like splatchers that help with walking on mud.

    • alunaboat Says:

      Thanks for the tip, Brian. I was thinking about something along those lines myself, but felt you would get helplessly stuck, unable to detach those shoes from the sticky mud. Maybe that short wooden ledge on the bottom breaks the suction?

  2. Beatriz Restrepo Says:

    Great trip!!!!

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