Tongan Faces

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes. That is especially true if you’re too lazy to write! The discipline of writing is a dreadful one, some days you stare at the screen and the thoughts crawl through crooked grooves much too worn out to survive the condensation into digits. Some days you can’t even get close to the screen, necessity or sheer pretext keeping you away. Thank god for the digital age, where pictures are as cheap as mediocre food. The following slide show is from a local festival, put up for the palangis on their cruising yachts, but featuring quite a local participation. A street fair of Tongan live, leaping for a moment over the treacherous edge of busy business.

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One Response to “Tongan Faces”

  1. Jill Forster Says:

    I have lived in Tonga. Twenty years ago. I lived on Vava’u. Nuku”alofa, Eau, Haapi Islands, All different. I also lived on the remote island off of VaVa’u. A island called Hunga. No running water or electric. Sleep on the floor of a house on the island. I spent Christmas there once. One of my best. The men drank Kava ceremonial, and the virgin woman served the Kava. I remember drifting to sleep with the sounds of the Tongan men singing such beautiful music. The people were always singing and dancing and I loved it. The smell of the wood fire. I have an opportunity to go back to Hunga, but the air fair is a bit high. Anyone wants a sail mate… No not soul mate! I was on the sea’s in some pretty rough weather. I loved it. I did everything the Tongan way. Lived there for about a year or two.

    Also lived in Fiji, on a very remote island not even on the map. Took two weeks by boat to get there from Suva Fiji. Had to have chiefs permission. Some storms came in and I was tossed from one end of the boat to the other. Sea sick. Lot of memory’s. I was in about thirty years old. Sold my house and all my belongings, and said I am going to Tonga. I found a book about the friendly islands. Took me all of two weeks to start selling things. Figured I best do it when I was younger. My partner bought me out of half of my home, easy sail~~~~~ Came back for my horses. Two missed them. Now I live on a sea of land. Still on my own. Horses passed Dec 30th 2010. Sailor on horseback.

    I loved the Tongan people and ways. I feel it was my home. Where I really belonged. In Fiji I was the only white person on the island. Never did learn the language but I sure tried!!! Got pretty good at Tonga but forgot most of it now.

    I am sure it has changed. I hope not to much. The Tongan Time culture I loved. Don’t worry Jilly. So I did not. There culture is very different from ours. I loved it. They really had it worked out so there was a great system of peace, ceremony’s, and there way’s made sense to me. I suffered from culture shock when I came back to the United States. I adapted to there culture so fast it was a breeze! Thanks for the pictures, and memory’s.

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