Samoan Greenery

The inspiration for writing has been seriously curtailed here in this land of latent cultural schizophrenia. People are friendly but dull and without any initiative. And slooooow! Alas there’s not much else there to do but escape into the lush greenery of this nonetheless breathtakingly marvelous island, which we do as often as our quite tight schedule of repairs on Aluna allows. Thanks to a very generous donation from our good friends Dora and Rudy on the Big and Beautiful Island of Hawai’i we’re again in the possession of a good digital camera. Now we just need to learn how to use it…

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2 Responses to “Samoan Greenery”

  1. Paz Says:

    Beautiful pics…just came back from Malaysia and miss it already!
    I loved the jungle and saw lizards like that one too!
    lots of love besitos,

  2. Angela Says:

    Beautiful, gorgeous photos. I long for that lush green.
    love, Angela

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