All Is Well

All is well here on Tongareva. The tsunami wave slid by silently  in the early hours of the morning without doing any damage and without even be noticable. I’m guessing the atoll’s tiny shape and the fact that it emerges straight out of an ocean floor 5000m deep, sitting on top of a very steep sided seamount makes it less vunerable than a flat continental coasts with shelves in front of them that amplify the wave or bigger and higher islands with bays and inlets.

Our hearts go out to all those who lost lives or livelyhood in this disaster! Let’s feed our tired brain with a deep awarenes of how precarious and precious life is for us little tiny beings crawling on this beautiful and fragile planet of blue. The sea gives, we would be nothing without the sea! The sea takes a little bit back every now and then, brutally swallows it with a nastyness without compare. Also that doesn’t really make any sense in our blinded mind, that’s the way it is. This is how it must be! Life is not a supermarket where, at least most of the time, you get what you pay for.

3 Responses to “All Is Well”

  1. Hide&Junko Says:

    Hey Beatriz & Bart,

    I’m so happy to know that you were not impacted by Tsunami. I was so worried about you guys. I left a message on Skype to let you know that Tsunami was coming…I guess you didn’t get it in time. But really, relieved to know that you are safe.

    love, Junko

  2. Fabiola Says:

    Hello my dear friends, I am glad that you are doing great and to know that you have found nice people in the way, it is really a blessing. Hugs and love fabiola.

  3. Steve Wright Says:

    I googled this because it came to me in a dream last night 29 Dec 2016 I don’t know why.

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