Where is Aluna Now?

This is a quick status update from the real timeline. As was to be expected we’re hopelessly behind in our schedule. There’s simply too much to see, live and explore to be able to hurry! We’re still on Nuku Hiva, but safely out of reach of officialdom. Hakatea Bay and it’s sister bay next-door with the dreamy hamlet of Hakaui turned out to be a couple steps closer to paradise than expected and again strong forces of curiosity are holding Aluna’s anchors firmly in the seabed.

There is no road access to this private holdout of a family of royal Marquesan offspring. So this message comes to you by means of a messenger who agreed to carry it to town by foot or horseback over a 15km mountain trail, hand the handwritten note to our friend Maimiti in Taiohae, who then typed it on her computer while navigating English spelling on her French keyboard. In order not to overburden either one of those kind helpers it is necessarily short. The detailed reports are being stored on my computer on board and wait for a future opportunity of direct access to cyberspace on our part.

We’re just now getting ready to get under way again after three and a half weeks here hunting boars in the woods and collecting a generous amount of fresh provisions, enormous grapefruits, golden papayas, fat bananas and pregnant coconuts. Next are some days in the two or three small bays on the hopefully peaceful West Coast of Nuku Hiva. After that we shall finally and definitely force ourselves to step off this land of amazing grace, get some of our sea legs back on a 60 miles run to the uninhabited island of Eiao. Our planned arrival at Penrhyn is now slated for sometimes beginning January 2011.


One Response to “Where is Aluna Now?”

  1. Paz Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful news, you guys are so very fortunate in all this earth to be having these wonderful experiences!
    a big hug and all my love to you two!
    Que Dios los bendiga y gocenlo todo!

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