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Our first attempt to escape from Taiohae quickly transformed into a series of good-bye parties hosted by our friends, prolonging our stay for day after day. After being on the receiving end of their hospitality and friendliness for way too long, we felt encouraged to host a party of our own aboard Aluna, opening our floating home to their hearts, curiosity and taste buds, just as they had done with us. Our humble culinary offerings were quickly complemented with a plethora of local dishes brought aboard by all the guests. If you analyze the following photograph you’ll realize that including the photographer there were twelve adults on our vessel’s deck plus two children who were swimming back on the ramp while the pictures were taken. Aluna hasn’t carried so many people at the same time since her launch day back in September of 2008. What a colorful change from the usually quite austere atmosphere aboard!

Behind you at precisely your present point of view stands Maimiti, invisible while taking the photographs, she is a dancer of excellence, born and raised in Moorea. Then from left to right you see Yoan, history and geography teacher at the local college, originally from Brittany, France; Daphne and Eric, our long term neighbors at the anchorage with their floating home right behind Eric’s head, as if growing out of it, she is French, he South African, they are the local sail makers keeping the cruisers fleet’s canvass work in shape to hold up to the Southern trade winds; next a happy me cracking some silly joke and then Camille, weight loss champion of extraordinary will power and of French origin; the salt and pepper beard next to her belongs to Nasha, who along with Neli steers the ketch Basjako around the world, visible with blue sail covers vertically above Nelie’s yellow petaled flowers on the back of her t-shirt and a long way from their homeland of Serbia; Tayfun is Camilles better half and master of the citronade, teaches technologie at the college and is of Turkish origin; Philip paddles his one man canoe around the bay most afternoons and is a proud Catalan, married to Cecilia on the far right who just as proudly declares herself 200% Marquesan, having grown up in Hatiheu on the Northern coast of Nuku Hiva; their two kids are the ones you don’t see swimming aft; the empty chair finally to their right sports as a place holder Beatriz’ hat, who must be in the galley at the time of the shot, cooking up some tasty snacks to keep the guests alive. There you have it, a fittingly international get together to celebrate what a glance into the calendar would later reveal to be United Nations Day!

One Response to “Load Test”

  1. Paz Says:

    What a beautiful place, I love th smile on your faces!
    Love ya guys!

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