Dance Classes Culminate in Public Performance

I finally had some time to sit cross-legged and mindful on the settee just forward of the galley. It has not yet been built to support the table where one in the hopefully not too far future will be able to sit like a civilized being with feet on the floor and arms on a table. There with the laptop heating the top of my lap and drawing electricity out of the solar powered battery stored right underneath I set out to face the treacherous task of editing some of the videos we had shot. The tight squeeze to upload them makes for tough selections, but I guess that’s what editing video is all about!

The result after a couple hours of work are these two little shorts about the final product of Beatriz’ Cours de Danses d’Amérique Latine. As strange as it always sounds when talking about the product of an artistic activity, this is as close as it gets. The girls had learned five numbers from the repertoire of simplified South American folk dances Beatriz had developed while working the schools back in the San Francisco Bay Area, while the ladies had worked their best grace along the lines of the great classic South American rhythms of Salsa and Samba. Even thought the process of training, learning and rehearsing is quite probably of much greater importance than showing off to the rest of the world what had been diligently done behind closed doors, the excitement of the public performance is unique in its power to convey the necessity of art. It is an exercise in mutual giving and receiving of almost ideal proportions once the dancers start tensioning their muscle fibers, then continue to swing their hips, fly their ribs, level their limbs, stake their steps, hover their hands, shake their shoulders, loosen their legs, heel their heads, free their fingers, bulge their belly buttons and describe with their elegant bodies many, many more coordinated contortions. The audience members follow focused and feel their own bodies twitching, but since the work is done for them so diligently they obediently remain seated and enjoy the steady side of the delirium creating an ambience of absolute admiration, which in turn keeps the performers fragile self esteem in the stratosphere of constant vertigo, where flying is the only option and landing can only be done at the very end. The applause and corresponding bow then closes the ritual harmoniously, let’s everybody become human again and go home happily to normality with a tiny gift of specialty deep in their hearts.

Thanks to Maimiti and Yoan’s generous donation of untimed internet access you’ll get to enjoy the visuals in a little bit better quality than usual. But as you must still be painfully aware, we’re not into the HiDef craze of today’s mad race for virtual brilliance. Our media producing efforts by no means wish to have you baking firmly as a charred couch potato by pretending that what we are showing you is real. If you would only let us we would love to shove your behind out of that moldy couch and into your neighborhood where you can follow your real call of duty as a social warrior with change in the very forefront of your unmingled mind. But please, do enjoy!


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