To Ua Pou

Tomorrow we’re off after many delightful delays.

Ua Pou can be seen on the horizon on clear days like today.

A good 25 nautical miles jump across an according to Meteo Polinesie Français quite peaceful sea, for once. We plan to raise anchors early morning and arrive there sometimes in the afternoon. About raising the anchors, we did some prep work today, riding as far as feasible back on both rodes and boy, there is a whole coral reef attached to it! I mean, judge for yourself, and it took quite some beating to dislodge the pretty mess.

One Response to “To Ua Pou”

  1. Angela Zawadzki Says:

    ¡Parecen avisperos o racimos de uvas!

    Bendiciones, ojalá se comuniquen pronto. Perdón he hestado de capa caída, sin comunicarme.

    Besitos, carño, llamaré por Skype esta noche. Es el dos que salen? buen augurio.


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