Aluna Dares to Present a Possible Itinerary!

Here’s the plan! It is painted with thick and sloppy brush strokes, carving curiously into the future and dreaming up potential possibilities. It’s underlying purpose is above all to quiet the minds of friends and family, and of course our own. A well designed plan lulls us into believing that our wishing and wanting does have magic powers with which to shape destiny into something of our own. With our minds slumbering sweetly at ease, we may then get lost, go where the wind blows and find outwards, what inwards we lack.

November 1-7: Stint to Ua Pou, hopefully seeing dentist for check up and if needed any mending.

November 8/9: Back to Taipivai, Nuku Hiva, top up our water supply.

November 10/11: Quick last minute internet fix in Taiohae Bay.

November 12 – 19: Eiao, exploring uninhabited outpost of the Northern Marquesas Islands

November 20 – 25: Blue water passage heading due West

November 26 – 28: Swing by also uninhabited Millenium and Flint Islands

November 29 – December 3: Blue water passage heading West North West

December 4 – 24: Stay in Penrhyn, Northern Cook Islands.

The hard fact is that we might be out of touch for months at a time. One of the most uplifting possibilities of a sailboat is that you can go to places where the modern cybernetic grip has not yet established enough gripe to solve life’s burning questions by swiping credit cards. Since the connection between you and us walks the winding threads of the World Wide Web, which is about as free as healthcare in the United States, there might be long gaps between our reporting. Those you should not fill with too many worries, as the chances of us doing perfectly fine and having the blast of a lifetime are much bigger than the always present but small probabilities of any serious mishap. I’ve always tried in vain to explain this to my mother with proverbial smarts like: No news is good news, and: Bad news travel faster than good news, so if you don’t hear anything…. She, like all mothers, continues to worry and thus shows her affection and love. Therefore, since our mothers do most of the worrying for us, all the rest of you should not! You should instead eagerly wait for the next piece of good news coming in somewhere down the line!


2 Responses to “Aluna Dares to Present a Possible Itinerary!”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Even if you were in constant contact there is little that anyone on the outside could do. For those of you who worry, pony up the $700 to $1000 for a satphone for Aluna and buy them a big chunk of airtime if you must worry and have reports

    • alunaboat Says:

      Hmm… A satphone… Now that would be really nice! I think I’ll put that on my wish list. Christmas is just around the corner.

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