Little Improvements

Many a times during the five years it took to build Aluna I remember pronouncing the famous phrase: I’m not going to worry about this now, I’ll get it done while sipping Piña Collada in the tropics! Trying to focus on the essentials and streamlining things to get to the water as fast as possible many things got left behind. Now we are down in the tropics and the idea doesn’t sound as brilliant as it did back then. We’re not too much into Piña Colladas, even if we could afford them and we’re struggling to keep up with the organization of the daily chores, so they don’t overwhelm us and eat up all our time. Life in the tropics is the same as anywhere. If you want to do things, time is as precious here in the heat as up there where it’s cold.

So we’re trying to catch up. Shelving is desperately needed to organize our stuff, cabin lights in our cabin would be nice, the solar panels need to find their permanent place instead of lying around in the deck and so on and on and on. On top of it some of the things I did manage to do have felt the brutal sun for as long as they can bare it and are getting to the end of their life already. Such was the case with the cockpit cover we pull over its opening to keep it dry in the rain. The sun had broken down the CostCo carport tarp I had used to make it back at Mario’s place in San Leandro. You can patch a lot with duck tape, but once this cover had more duck tape on it than tarp it just didn’t look too good anymore and keeping the cockpit dry was no longer what it did. So we finally bit the bullet about a week and a half ago. While renewing it I also wanted to add some functionality to it. Schlepping fresh water to the boat is quite a chore and sooner or later we will find ourselves in places where that might not even be possible anymore, so we desperately needed a way to catch rainwater whenever it falls from the sky for free.

So here’s our new version of the cockpit cover with drains on either side. And I sincerely apologize for leaving my pee bottle in the picture! A piece of hose leads the water from there into bottles for now. Eventually it will go straight into the jerry can that feeds fresh water down into the kitchen sink. In perfect tune with nature it served us well the last two nights, which saw the first heavy rainfalls since we’ve been here on the island. About four gallons less to schlep on board, they were collected while we were fast asleep. That’s one big step towards civilization!

3 Responses to “Little Improvements”

  1. Paz Says:

    Congratulations on your creativity and inventiveness! You guys ROCK!!!

  2. Thomas Says:

    Isn’t that my water bottle from my crossing. Is the rain really that yellow ……..oh now I get it. That was my pee bottle. It says survivors NW on it no?

    • alunaboat Says:

      Now that could be a little embarrassing, if it were not for the fact that we are, uh, recycling, uh, everything! I did give it a good rinsing though 😉 Thanks for the donation, my friend!

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