The Almighty Internet

There was to be a short video with yesterdays post. It was cut together from material recorded with our flipcams and only one minute long. I tried for three days to do the upload, first to our usual host YouTube, then to the flipchannel, then compressing it heavily and trying to squeeze it up, all in vain! It would always go maybe half way and then freeze.

We’re on a wireless network provided by the local Yacht Services store on the pier. If you buy the big ticket for 100hrs, the price comes down from the $5/hr to a very reasonable $2/hr. In the monetary crunch situation we’re in this is still an amount of money we look at before just throwing it away looking at a spinning cursor. The quality of this “service” is so nerve wrecking that it induces immediate stress reminiscent of the California daily race towards a heart attack we’ve been living for the last 14 years. Not good when you need to focus on the present tasks of keeping shipshape and your body and mind connected!

So you’ll have to do with pictures for now, until we get a better opportunity at surfing cyberspace. If you can spare some cash it would be nice on our side to get the feeling that our cyber reporting is economically self-sufficient. Use the PayPal button on the right to make a sizable (in tune with your economic portfolio, of course) donation to our cruising coffers and we’ll pass the funds along to the local internet business, hoping that it will catch up with the planetary race towards information density in time for us to share with you some more tidbits of what we are so privileged to experience!

Can somebody out there think of an alternative? Maybe sending media on discs to somebody in the states by snail mail and have them upload it to the blog from there?

2 Responses to “The Almighty Internet”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Salut les matelots…

    I can do it if you can’t put it online.
    I am still on the ground for some time in SF….

  2. Thomas Says:

    I can help with uploads too. I think you have my address.

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