On the Other Side

Aluna has carried us safely and bravely across the wild ocean against winds and currents and we are enow safely anchored in Taiohae Bay on the otherworldly island of Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands of French Poynesia.

34 days of ups and downs, exhilarating uncertainties and splendid seascapes!

7 Responses to “On the Other Side”

  1. neil Says:

    Hey, fantastic to hear of your safe arrival. Looking forward to hearing all your stories in due course.
    Congratulations and Respect to you

  2. david Says:

    right on!!!

  3. Paz Says:

    Felicitaciones!!! Que maravilla y que fabuloso tiene que haber sido el viaje…Dios los cuide y bendiga siempre!!!!

  4. Bob Bois Says:

    Nice going B and B! Fair winds to you all…

  5. Thomas Says:

    So excellent to see you made it. Kiko and I conversed during the passage. We even got to get out on the water in Seattle.

  6. Jacques Says:

    Enjoy Polynesia, another world.

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