The Dawn of a New Day

The sun rises majestically over Mauna Lea and allthough the photo is not the best it could be (cameras always misfunction when the scenery is at its best) this is one of those days with a special weight to it. In spite of the haunting loneliness and the spiritual draught of our stay here on the Big Island, we are leaving behind a host of friends that made the time here precious and pronounced. There’s of course first of all the one and only Catain Kiko, who was the one that enticed us to come here in the first place. His unfathomable knowledge of anything that is wet and has waves, his experimental spirit with which he manages to ride on the surface of it and then his network of lady friends strategically placed not only all over the island, but it seems all over the earth, made him the most prominent figure in our Hawaiian era.
Kumu Maile Yamanaka and her smart cast of dancers opened up the luscious labyrinth of Hawaiian culture of old and new . Rudy and Dora opened up their unique house and their even more unique hearts. Lavon with her intellectual curiosity, Stephen with his intrinsic wit, the mysterious Thomas with the sparkling eyes, nostalgic Mauricio and flamboyant Paola, down to earth Kalima, elegant Lei Lani, no nonsense Azura, divine Celeste and I’m sure I’m forgetting many more, all submitted their profound human generosity to make our lives here as productive and fruitful as it could be.
This new day starts the journey towards a new set of friends in a different world and our task on the sea is to renew our tired selves so that once we reach it we will have as much to offer them as we were granted here on this Pacific outpost of the ever ruthless imperialistic capitalism.

One Response to “The Dawn of a New Day”

  1. Paz Says:

    Always noce to hear from you , I’m tuned in to your adventures.
    Lots of love,

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