Mystic Honomalino Bay

After overnight stops at Keauhou Bay, where manta rays are stalked every night by hordes of scuba diving tourists, and the splendid Kealakekua Bay, where a white stone monument tries to keep memories of bloody histories alive, we shot into our final port, the usually tranquil Honomalino Bay. This time she’s quite choppy, the afternoon seabreeze churning up whitecaps outside and sending short steep swells crashing onto the rocks behind us.
The volcanic haze wrapping around the island from the windward side makes for spectacular sunsets all along the Kona Coast. In the picture you also see our neighbors Ginger and Peter on Marcy, a very fine vessel from Seattle in the Pacific Northweast. They are wrapping up a three and a half year circumnavigation, coming up from Cape Horn and heading for Alaska before heading back home.
You can also see the test assembly of Aluna’s heavy weather mizzen, which might see its first use soon when sticking our noses out from behind South Point next Wednesday morning, changing from the peacfull leeward waters to beating into the hopefully a bit northerly trades. The weather forecast looks good so far. It looks like we will be able to make it out in a lull.

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