Back to its Proper Glory

After two overcast days with the Northerly day breeze dragging the volcanic haze down over us, this morning started clear and sunny. A morning swim to the South end of the bay had us stand in awe of the otherwordly beauty of this place. The turqoise waters contrasting with the blackness of the lava rocks, lined by pink and yellowish colors along the waterline where corals live dowsed by the pounding surf, it is a unifying experience. And that pounding surf trying to dislocate my bodily equilibrium while contemplating it all, brought about some other healing thoughts. It is a come and go in life, nature does not seem to share our fearful judgement about life being anything more than death. It gives and it takes in perpetual ups and downs and we children of the gods have to learn every day anew to do the same, each at its proper time. None of this enormous beauty in fact belongs to us. It lives in that fragile moment of selfless contemplation and vanishes the very instant we grab it wi th our hands and wish to bag it for later use.
So is it safe to say that this painful transformation from sedentary beings to wandering gypsies of the sea seems to have turned a corner? Once again my busy mind wants to praise the day before the sun has set!

One Response to “Back to its Proper Glory”

  1. Paz Says:

    Felicidades y buen viaje!

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