Aluna Sits on Wheels Again

The last time Aluna sat on wheels it was on two giant home made skateboards, each fabricated of 16 Harborfreight wheels and designed to swivel at each end, so that Aluna could turn in place to go around corners on her way to her first splashing down the boat ramp at the San Leandro Marina. That was back in September ’08 after five years of cutting plywood and mixing epoxy in the cozy back yard of the Mendoza family. Now we’re fast approaching the first anniversary of Aluna setting out for her first blue ocean trip from San Francisco to Hawaii, and she is once again sitting on wheels. There’s fewer of them this time but they’re mighty big! Doug Carr calls his art “Roman engineering”, working wonders with the limited technological resources of the 50th State, hauling boats of all kinds and sizes in and out of the water and across the land. He’ll be the master of ceremony for the Aluna’s return to her element on June 9. It will be busy from now on, and internet access afterwards spotty until the 15th.  Then you will see a hole of nothing and will have to wait for news from the other side, des nouvelles that is, in French of course, or Tahitian Creole maybe. We’re getting ready to see a lot of water while you do that waiting. In the meantime mangoes and pineapples have been deprived of their water content and are stored aboard.

Today will be our last trip to humid Hilo, our Hawaiian home base for almost a year! My construction project there at Rudy and Dora’s house came to an acceptable conclusion this past Tuesday. Today we’ll be visiting Hula class for one last time, receiving the blessings from our Kumu Hula, the one and only Maile Yamanaka, we’ll be retrieving a last batch of epoxy for future projects and repairs from the tight control of Homeland Security at Young Brother’s warehouse at the port, then do last minute purchases of little this and thats and that will be it for the Bay of the Crescent Moon, mahalo for your hospitality!

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