Alunita’s Wrist Joints

You remember Alunita? You met her for the first time in Strike One. Well, her first sea trials weren’t too promising. The ama sits too low in the water, making her extremely tipsy. I promptly managed to flip her, went for a swim in Reeds Bay’s cool waters and got an exercise in righting her and bailing her voluminous belly dry.

Her new ama will be a simple straight log, seen here in this unfortunately not very focused photo. It will be sitting higher and with its extra weight provide Alunita with much needed stability. Now how to you connect a round thing (the iako) sitting perpendicular on another round thing (the ama)? The connection needs to be sturdy, but also offer a minimum of flexibility and it should be not too cumbersome to disassemble, whenever we need to store our tender on board during passages. So rope lashings are definitely the way to go, but you still need some kind of contraption to keep the two round things from rolling on each other. This very basic engineering feat has been solved in a myriad of different ways throughout the rich history of Polynesian seafaring. Here’s my way of trying to achieve efficient simplicity.
I mean, the mighty Polynesians of old would have done things differently had they had access to our modern composite materials. But then again, if they did, they might have driven around in cars like we do! Anyway, we’ll see how it holds up to the elements!

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One Response to “Alunita’s Wrist Joints”

  1. Rudy Says:


    Hope you are on dry land as it has been over 3 weeks. We are praying for your safe passage. Give us a thumbs up soon as you can. Hope you had a good voyage. We all are waiting to hear from you guys. People keep asking…


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