Drying Time

One of the most ancient ways to preserve food for long term storage is drying. So when nature’s generosity goes overboard with gifts of lemon grass and bananas from friends, the goods are sliced and diced and the fancy convection oven in our temporary home in Waimea is put to good use.  It’s the first time I’m doing bananas, so we’ll see tomorrow how they turn out. I’m very much looking forward to munching theses once out and about rocking on the waves!

Beatriz came flying into Kona International Airport today after finishing up her teaching gigs in the San Francisco Bay Area. So that chapter is now definitely closed. We got the message! Nothing left behind this time around. So now the crew for the journey is almost complete. Malinda is finishing off her many boat projects of her own, has already quit one of her two jobs here on the island and I’m just about certain is also giving some thought to provisioning for the journey to Tahiti!

A quick visit to Aluna showed that the copper epoxy had hardened good. I sure like the look of that fresh copper color. We’ll see now how effective it is to keep the critters of the sea from hitching a ride on the hulls. For centuries copper sheets were used to protect the hulls of sailing vessels from becoming artificial reefs, so there must be some value to it!

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