Aluna is Getting Some Attention

I spent a productive day yesterday in the scorching heat of Honokohau Harbor’s boat storage yard. All the scratches along the keel from last August’s encounter with the rocky bottom of Ka’alualu Bay have been patched and coated with poor man’s antifouling, copper powder mixed into epoxy. The starboard rudder issue has been getting some constructive thought too. I lowered the ledge it is sitting on by maybe a quarter of an inch, hoping that this will help it to hang more on the lashings. I will then as per Kim Whitmyer’s suggestion inject epoxy into the lashing holes so the rope can’t slide anymore. Then it’s like with all things engineering keeping fingers crossed for the reality check, which is approaching at supersonic speed.

Also today a quarter grand of whole numbers on my credit card got transformed at CostCo into non-perishable food items to keep the crew’s bellies happy for a good length of time. Putting all this on board once again I’m faced with the fact that boats make my creative, unorganized way of life so painful. I throw everything down the hatch into a corner, blissfully aware that it will have to be taken out again and stowed with at least a hint of practical organization!

One Response to “Aluna is Getting Some Attention”

  1. Jacques Says:

    I noticed your rudder problem and checked carefully mine before launching. As the pivot axle is not on the bottom block but in line with the middle of the lashing, when the thing turns more than 30 degree, there is a worrying misalignment happening between the block and the rudder. I put two strong ss eyes on the sheer line below the tillers and attached limiters to prevent this to happen. Hopefully, problem is solved.

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