The Organization of Craziness

While for us beings of the all too painful present the writing on the wall could not be clearer. We too have to transform!

Taking a quick look back and summarizing the preliminary results of our anthropological study of the North American soul, there’s the detailed sketch of a culture of constant worrying. The preventive doctrine of constantly having to fend off some imaginary evil keeps the mind busy, slowly wearing it down.

I still remember how odd and distant this constant preoccupation felt when we arrived in the States fourteen years ago after our year-long street theater trip from Colombia through Central America and Mexico to the source of the exploitation up in El Norte. I would never have believed that one day I might become infected too. But here I am, after this maelstrom of edging on with the very core structure of how people live here, I do find myself constantly navigating treacherous worst case scenarios of all things that could possibly go wrong in the future. The disease of the imperial land has taken hold deep inside my brain, curtailing the fresh flow of energy needed to smoothly flush us out of the system.

Only my deep trust in the underlying instincts keeps me on track with the detailed planning for the upcoming voyage. Once again I ponder, how much water will we need, how much food? Oh gosh, charts, we don’t have charts for French Polynesia! What are we going to do about that! Worry, of course, worry about it, worry ourselves to death! Crazy!

One Response to “The Organization of Craziness”

  1. Jacques Says:

    Maintaining people in fear is an excellent way to control them. The layers of protections in term of insurances, working contracts, health providers, garantee etc… is amazing and keeps people busy like hell, so they dont think and have to work work work to pay for all this.

    Slavery. No other word.

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