Looking Back to Legend to See the Future

So with the goodwill of Namakaokahai, Hawaiian goddess of the sea, we will soon thereafter reach the distant and mystical homelands of her and her famous and fiery sister Pele, who skillfully managed to escape eradication by rational modernity. She had the foresight to go underground in time. She now lives and breathes just underneath the crackling lava surface of the Kilauea caldera on the West flank of the Big Island of Hawaii, while simultaneously prospecting new real estate nearby in the unclaimed deep sea area just off Honu’apo, where at a couple thousand feet of watery depth Loihi seamount pushes relentlessly towards the surface to become the next Hawaiian Island for future generations to surf in its waves. Eventually Pele’s beloved sister will chase her away from there again in this seemingly endless bout of competition between peers of similar origins.

Paintings courtesy of Linda Rowell Stevens. Mahalo!

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