Strike Four

Now just in case that we didn’t get this three strikes and your out situation, the “system” doubled up with the final blow, which ran time wise in perfect parallel synchronization with strike three. My work permit in the US was up for its annual renewal by the end of December. As we had done always for the last dozen years we had file the corresponding papers with our attorney by early November. Usually we would then receive the approval within a month or two. This year there was a big silence, stretching all the way into February. By the end of the month, just as we were pondering to simply let the apartment go, USCIS sent a Request for Evidence to our attorney, asking for a host of documents related to the activities of our nonprofit organization. Since MOVING BEYOND Productions’ place of business was our Balmy apartment we had to hold onto it, if nothing else just for a little longer! If we had only known that it would all be in vain! By mid April the famous Migra had not only denied my extension, but also revoked Beatriz’ already approved permit based on the documents we had submitted for my Request for Evidence. A follow up letter made it clear that we were given the boot, saying in clear terms that we had to leave the country “Immediately”.

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