Strike Two

A couple of days later strike two arrives inside an envelope with mail forwarded by our roommates back in San Francisco. A series of speeding tickets from back during the frenetic six months before our departure from California had accumulated enough points to merit being classified as a negligent driver, and as a result I was being notified that my drivers license would be suspended for six months and that I was supposed to send it to the DMV offices in Lalaland. Shoot, Beatriz disabled on crutches, our finances by now depleted by the medical expenses and me unable to drive, we’re going to be hitching rides with swollen thumbs pretty soon! Now a drivers license is not only good for showing any nosy peace officer that you have a right to drive, it also serves to prove your identity in banks, government offices and when paying with a credit cards. Fortunately I was able to reduce the suspension time in half with skillful whining in a telephone hearing with a DMV official and luck was on my side during the times when driving was a bare necessity during the suspension period. With the delay in mail service I was also able to hold on to my license once the notice of the hearing officers verdict had reached 150˚ of Western latitude by the end of December.

4 Responses to “Strike Two”

  1. dario Says:

    wow…the land of..freedom or rather more appropiate ‘of those who first ejected those who were legitimately there before them, then used and use all their power to set traps to keep out anyone coming in…basically it seems to have developed two classes of citizens/people: the few winners and the masses of losers. The losers are the expendable lot, depending on the fluctuating quota of slaves the economic power system requires. The winners, ah! well…they are, how can one say it..they are SUPERIOR! and thus they deserve by their god’s right to inherit the planet for their own private use. Eventually, GM clones and drones of all sizes and shapes will rule the Earth. Am I negative and a doom sayer? Not really. There is an effective antidote to prevent doom and holocaust: WAKING UP!! NOW ciao

    • Beat Rettenmund Says:

      I’d say the clones and drones are already there. But who’s working the remote controls?

  2. Jacques Says:

    Hola Beat.

    Reading your blog. I can see your feelings about lalaland match mines. Luckily, i have a place to be in France, who, to my opinion still can be classified as a friendly area. Launching in two weeks. I plan to cross next year. Then I will have a place and a boat in Marseille. Sailing in Mediterranee is great. I am working on this. The big trip around the world will be later.

    • alunaboat Says:

      Hey Jaques Patrick told me about our synchronized Tiki 38 ventures, you launching on June 15 and us setting to sea for Tahiti! Great coincidence! All the best with the splashing and may she float (she will!). I really don’t know why everybody wants to sail around the world. The great thing about these marvelous vessels is that you can go into the world more deeply, instead of just skirting on the surface! So no hurry, my friend. Fair winds Beat

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