Strike One

It is most like futile to ponder the higher reasons for this serious streak of near disasters and it might not be appropriate to drag you into it with too many sinister details, but just to give you an idea here’s a quick run down of this cascading run on with the “system”:
On Tuesday, October 13, 2009 my cell phone rings just as I’m getting ready to glass the second hull section of the Wa’apa of Gary Dierking design that was to become Aluna’s tender, fittingly called Alunita. We’re house sitting at our friends Rudy and Dora’s house right along Reeds Bay in Hilo. The screen of the phone shows it’s Beatriz. She supposedly is taking a Ballet class at the University of Hawaii at Hilo campus. An unknown woman’s voice talks form the tele side of the phone: Beatriz has had an accident in class and is unable to walk, she needs to be picked up. That does not sound good. I’m just about ready to hop on the bike and pedal the three some miles, when the phone rings a second time: The lady will kindly drive here home. Twenty minutes later a black SUV pulls into the drive way and I do what I didn’t do when we got married: I carry Beatriz on my arms into the house, up the stairs, gently slide her onto the bed and wipe a couple tears from her cheeks. The foot looks bad, all swollen. During a week of icing and internet consultations the initial diagnosis of s sprained ankle gives way to something more sinister. A visit to Hilo Hospital’s ER on October 20 confirms our suspicions. A total rupture of Beatriz’ right Achilles tendon sets her on course for a surgery as the only reasonable course of action. On October 28 Dr. Matsuura artfully stitches the two lose ends together and we wearily look ahead to a slow six months recovery period.

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