Why us?

Arriving at HiloAll we were hoping for when we arrived here on the Big Island of Hawaii last summer, was that the Empire of the materialistic world, which had already been kind enough to allow us the construction of our mighty sailing vessel that was now carrying us into the heart of the Pacific, would grant us just a little more generous support and kindly provide us with a minimum of materialistic wealth, enough to allow us to care ourselves for our subsistence, instead of having to knock on the doors of the very first of those unfortunate people, in materialistic terms that is, we were soon bound to encounter, and beg them to share their most likely quite scarce resources with us.

That, quite clearly, was not supposed to be! Not only was the hurting Hawaiian economy reluctant to let us have anything more than just barely what we had to throw back at it for feeding, transporting and giving adequate rest to our earthly bodies, the all powerful universe had a series of quite unfortunate circumstances in store for us, that I have to admit made for an emotional rollercoaster, the ups of which where barely perceivable and the downs set a barrage of record low points in my self-esteem on a graph spanning my entire life, at least as much as I dare to remember of it.

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