Up high on the dry

In less than 30 minutes we went from this

to this

After almost exactly one year in the water Aluna is once again on the dry. Having her in the water it was literally impossible to do any kind of serious activity on land. There are no safe harbors on the Big Island, no place to leave her for longer periods unattended, so we heavy heartedly decided to pull her out and store her for a couple of months to be able to take our mind of her for some time.

We’re now house sitting at the Hilo waterfront for two and a half months.

3 Responses to “Up high on the dry”

  1. marina & dario Says:

    yeah, boats and land work do not mix very well..at least not in modern countries…
    well, while there please make a point to visit Jennifer Snyder and her pal Bob, kite builders who also moved to Hawaii from SFrancisco..VERY cool..they were here in Carriacou flying kites

    we just put the latest puppet show on youtube, please check:
    kidoprojects youtube

    tell us what you think of it..all recorded with a mac laptop and garage band, hehe, lots of fun, and kids are great! only, they grow so fast we need to ‘train’ younger ones each year..
    be well, Aluna looks VERY beautiful, the real thing

  2. Boatsmith Says:

    bueno ano nuevo

  3. Ann Sweeney Says:

    Hey there! I like the diving video! Hope all is well with you, we were looking at some of your old launch photos last night and wondering how you were and if you would be back in the water soon. Loved following your adventures and hope to see more of them.

    They finally dredged some of San Leandro marina, although they wouldn’t do the individual slips… despite that there are some new additions to the group. It’s nice to see the activity! You guys missed a good New Year’s party, we are still finding confetti, balloons and spent poppers all over the boat….

    Take care and hope to see an update soon!
    Ann & Oliver
    PS: The big news in the marina is that we got engaged at Christmas! Big YaY!

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