Aluna sits safely in Radio Bay, Hilo, after a 16 day passage. We will be blogging backwards and fill you in on the details.

9 Responses to “Landed!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Congratulations! I have been lurking from the UK all through your build and can’t imagine the sense of achievement you must be feeling now!

    Can’t wait to read about the passage.

  2. Boatsmith Says:

    right on

  3. Jacques Says:

    Bravo Beat.

  4. Ann Sweeney Says:

    Whee! Am happy you are there! Saw your last GPS ping and then nuthin… was getting worried!

    Been following your progress the whole time and want to give you a big shout out from San Leandro CA! -Ann & Oliver (Serenity)

  5. Delmarie Snodgrass Says:

    Congratulations on a successful voyage. I can’t wait to read about the journey. I am very happy to hear you have arrived safely. Take care. Delmarie

  6. Angela Says:

    Qué rico saber que alunaron…me parecía mentira que oía la voz de Betty y luego la de Beat. pero sigo sin ver las fotos.
    Mil besos, Angela


  7. Jozel Says:

    So glad you made it!

  8. Kim Whitmyre Says:

    Xlnt! Take good care of yourselves,

    Fair winds,


  9. Bob and Maria Nickeson Says:

    Beat and Beatriz:
    We’re late getting on the site but happy to find you safe and sound and at your destination! So congratulations and hope things continue to go well and that you’re enjoying the adventure.

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