There is simply not enough time…

You have to believe me! There’s just not enough time in a day to do what we need to do! So adding blogging to it would cause a dangerous turbulence in the supersonic vortex of these hyperhectic days. And we had thought it was intense and stressful to organize cultural events, to teach kids in schools, to create a new productions. Nothing comes quite close to the huge effort that is needed to simply disappear!

But no more of the whining and wincing. For those who are unfamiliar with our work here’s two links that should bring you up to speed:

So in spite of many obstacles and setbacks we’re set to leave the land of silicone on June 15, heading out into the wide blue ocean of the Pacific. We would like to thank everybody here in and around the beautiful city of San Francisco who has in one way or another supported out work and participated in our activities. Keep up the spirit of moving beyond normality and the indifferent grind of running after the money! Setting sail for new lands should be a constant effort of ours and letting go of our jalously guarded possessions is nothing but the beginning of a new and blissful way of living the beautiful splendor hidden away under the many crevices of the always troublesome present.

We will put great effort into meticulously documenting the adventures of our voyages towards the receding horizon and once safe and sound on the other side of pond we will make them available to the world wide spiderweb of not always very useful information.

Track our position here.

2 Responses to “There is simply not enough time…”

  1. Cecilia Says:

    Hola viajeros!!!! recien he visto el blog y me emocione mirando los videos y leyendo los postings. Que bueno saber que llegaron bien a Hawai…yo habia tratado de mirar el sitio pero no daba infromacion…ahora entiendo porque:) Abrazos muy grandes, los admiro por esa fuerza y constancia que tienen para lograr sus proyectos. Cecilia

  2. Michael Says:

    Hi Luna crew,I was doing some build research for my friends in Cape Town South Africa,,and came across your build website.One of the best I have ever seen..

    It gives all the right info for someone who is very serous about building a Tiki38… Thanks for that it has and will be a big help in doing coasting in man hr and all the cool tricks and tools/jigs you shared…

    Well done on all of this,,,,, may the Dolphins protect you wile making way..

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